Juror Statements

Juror Bonnie Meyer:

"If I had known anything about the defendant’s background, that he had been abused as a child, and that he may have suffered from a mental disorder or mental illness that could explain why he did what he did, then I do not believe I would have voted for the death penalty."

Juror Alice Stoddard:
"I would have been interested in the fact that no blood was found on Mr. Jones’ coat, and in particular I think the facts of his childhood abuse and corresponding mental illness should have been made known to us as jurors in some detail. We would have wanted to consider all this evidence. I believe I would have voted for a life sentence rather than death had I heard the factual evidence I have just mentioned."

Juror Scarlett Smith:
"I certainly would have wanted to see the TBI Lab report which showed Mr. Jones had no blood on his clothes. I would have wanted to know all about Mr. Jones extensive mental health history including treatment, diagnoses, and attempted suicide. Had I known all this at the time there is a chance my decision would have been different. I feel that James Jones had the right to have all this presented to the jury."

Juror Yolanda Howard:
"It is my belief I would have voted for life for Mr. Jones rather than death if I had heard the details of this man’s life and the extent of his mental illness. We didn’t have a chance to understand Mr. Jones at all because we weren’t informed."

Juror Jimmy Swarnet:
"I would have wanted to hear everything about Mr. Jones’ life before deciding on his sentence. I don’t want Mr. Jones to be put to death."

Juror Loretta Simpson:
"I do not want Mr. Jones executed under these conditions. I absolutely, as a juror, would have wanted to have heard all the information about Mr. Jones before deciding his sentence I most definitely would have voted for life."

Juror Everett Stone (Jury Foreman):
"It is my belief and opinion that this evidence would have made a significant difference in the sentencing phase of the trial."

Juror James Wimberley:
"The results could have been different at sentencing if I had heard the true facts."