From Abu Ali

Global Awakening
"Until lions have their historians, tales of the hunt shall always glorify the hunters."
~African Proverb

I speak because I found my voice. It took me many years to find that strength. No longer can suppression defeat me. Fear is my ultimate opposition. To fear is to demean and destroy one's inner self. I have found, having experienced fear, aggravated by anger and hate that it will literally stunt the maturity of the psychological developments. I have found as well, to strive and thrive in the spirit of love and peace--requires great inner strength, resolution, faith and courage. 

Love must extend and touch the hearts of each who cry out in anger, in hate, and in pain.

Deep listening will allow one to hear the yearn of life and peace. The spirit of humankind has the ability and capacity to initiate the requirements and the necessary treatments long sought for. Our governments alone, only barely treat the symptom.

Abu Ali

May the peace, the mercy and the blessings of
the absolute now and forever be upon each of you.
My Dear Friends and Companions:
I am neither this nor that; I am both this and that. In the end, I am as you are, human and spirit. When I speak, although the voices of other’s pain speak through me, I speak not only for you, but also for myself. I speak from my experiences, my joys and sadness…from my limited understanding of this journey we call life. Most importantly, I speak from my heart. I am hoping that this is what each of you hears as you listen to my words and to my spirit.
We are all teachers, and we are all students. I have come to understand that love and compassion is the medicine prescribed for our hearts. This medicine is essential to our welfare. This medicine is the way of life. This medicine brings harmony and balance. This medicine is not about me or you; it is about us and it is about life. It is a gift. It is a feeling. An inner power flows through us, guiding us and challenging us to learn so that we can become better healers to ourselves, to our brothers and sisters around us, and to our natural environment. To truly befriend one’s spirit will bring peace and harmony.
Compassion and love must constantly reiterate one another. Life longs for the two. Without these two, anger and hate will become our rulers.
My thanks to each and every one of you who are my friends and loved ones. May my words be heard.
For all of those who seek the truths that lie in our heart of hearts, let us spread our wings and taste the wind. I love you!
Elaboration and deliberation. Presumptive thought.
Abu-Ali Abdur’Rahman

June 2004