About Abu Ali

Abu Ali Abdur'Rahman is a 56-year old survivor of extreme physical abuse, who grew up in a home plagued with domestic violence. As an adult, he suffered prolonged sexual abuse in prison. He is of tsa la gi (Cherokee), Irish (Celtic), and Haitian descent.

Abu Ali is a deeply spiritual person. He converted to Islam in 1988 and has been a scholar of both the Qur'an and the Hanafi School of Jurisprudence ever since. He has a deep interest in Native American spirituality, extensive knowledge of the Bible and of Buddhism. He prays and meditates daily.

Abu Ali is a graduate of the Professional Career Development Institute, having completed certificate programs in Paralegal Studies (with honors), the Advanced Course in Civil Litigation and the course in Private Investigation.

While on death row, Abu Ali has devoted a great deal of his time and resources to helping others. He has been a regular "call-in" visitor to radio programs dealing with family violence and child abuse, opening the conversation to men and their concerns. He is assistant editor of the Compassion newsletter that is distributed to all death row inmates in the country. He has written extensively to encourage Muslims to follow Islam by working toward peace and harmony within the prison and in the community.

Abu Ali is an accomplished artist, poet and flutist. His narrative is intended to give first-hand insight and to aid America in prioritizing , helping and loving its own people. For further information, please send an e-mail request to mercyforabu@yahoo.com.